With more standard features than ever and an excellent sense of style, the new 2022 Honda Pilot is sure to impress from the moment you get behind the wheel. At Buena Park Honda, we know that your driving experience is about more than just a great first impression, which is why we’re thrilled to show you all of the great safety features that will make all your family travels safer.

Standard Honda Sensing

With a complete suite of advanced safety technology as standard, the 2022 Honda Pilot makes it easy to drive with confidence no matter where your journey takes you. At our Honda Dealer in Orange County, you’ll find new Honda Pilot models that come with forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. Not only does this system detect stopped or slowed vehicles on the road ahead, but it can also detect pedestrians to help you navigate those congested urban environments with ease.

You’ll also enjoy a lane-keep assist feature that reads road markings and gently nudges you back into your lane should you begin to wander. Whether you’re momentarily distracted by something in the back seat or you’re trying to focus on road signs to find your destination, this system can help stop you from wandering into adjacent lanes unintentionally.

Additional Features

You can also add blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert to your 2022 Honda Pilot experience to enjoy complete safety coverage in nearly every situation. From lane changes to backing out of a parking space, you’ll be warned of oncoming traffic in your blind spots so you can wait for a safer moment to make your move.

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