When it comes to enjoying your next big adventure, the 2022 Honda HR-V gives you greater confidence to handle whatever comes next. With a series of advanced safety and driver assistance features, the new Honda HR-V models at Buena Park Honda make it easy to get behind the wheel and truly enjoy the road ahead.

Focused Forward

With a series of forward-facing features, the 2022 Honda HR-V is always looking out for hazards on the road ahead. Forward collision warning can pick up either pedestrians or vehicles that you are rapidly approaching, sending up an audible and visible warning that it’s time to take evasive action. If you don’t react quickly enough, automatic emergency braking can act as a backup, slowing you down and helping avoid the collision.

You’ll also enjoy the added confidence of adaptive cruise control that maintains a safe following distance to the vehicles ahead so you can have time to react to a sudden slow down. And for those pesky traffic jams, a stop & go feature takes the pressure off as your Honda HR-V will be able to slow you to a stop and then resume driving based on the cars ahead.

Finally, lane departure warning and lane keep assist read road markings to ensure you’re staying safely in your lane. With gentle steering nudges when you wander, you won’t accidentally find yourself in a tight spot with the vehicles next to you. Plus, simply activating the turn signal temporarily shuts the system off so you can change lanes unimpeded.

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