Car Maintenance Practices Carried Out Seasonally

A car is just like any other machine that needs to get serviced at time intervals or after a job. The maintenance services are done to keep the car in ideal shape, so it can perform as expected. Below are several types of maintenance done routinely on a vehicle:

These include oil changes after a certain mileage. It involves flushing off the dirty oil and topping up with fresh engine oil. Another maintenance service is swapping of tires or changing them if they are worn out.

The brakes and the brake pads need to get changed after a set mileage. It enhances safety since they are very critical while driving a car. The brakes can practically stand between you and causing an accident.

Minor services include checking and topping up coolant fluid in the car, and checking and cleaning the headlights, indicators. A battery check is also carried out to ensure it functions well. Any other minor repairs can also be done like patching up dents and scratched paint to maintain the aesthetic value of the car.

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