It's official; Honda is your new source for unapologetic adventure. At the 2018 SEMA Show, the brand released the Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept, a wild ride from start to finish.

This Concept is Worth Contemplating

The Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept, which is based on the platform of the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck, is a genuine source for off-road enthusiasm. At the source, it's a four-wheeled trailblazer ready for any landscape. With the Ridgeline truck's utility and the styling of Honda all-terrainers (think the Pioneer 1000), this radical ride is something that you never knew you needed.

The truck-like suspension that's recycled from the existing Honda line brings an unexpected comfort to such a wild marvel. However, with a unique bed and tailgate panels, the Rugged Open Air Vehicle is a concept all its own. Waterproof seating juxtaposes features like smartphone mounts and an instrument panel for an urbane take on this badland traveler.

For more information on the Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept, or the inspiration from whence it came, the folks at Buena Park Honda are more than happy to talk details.

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