Measure Your Tire Tread

If you take long trips often or haven't replaced your tires in a while, you may need to start thinking about tire tread. If your tires start to look worn in certain areas or the tread has cracks in it, it may be time to get new tires from Buena Park Honda.

It's also time to replace the tires if you see that an object is embedded in the tire tread. If the tread is starting to separate from the tires, this is an indication that you should look for new tires as well. When you go to your mechanic, ask about the tires that are right for your vehicle based on your needs and the make and model of your car.

Once you have your tires inspected, your mechanic can also let you know about other issues with your vehicle so you can remedy these problems and be safer while you're on the road.

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